Rules and Regulations

  1. Participation and Eligibility
    • Each contestant must have in their possession a valid fishing license for Canadian or Michigan waters, as required by law.
    • Sponsors, tournament directors and anyone assisting in tournament operations, their agencies, agents, etc. are not responsible for death, injuries, damages, liability, theft, fire, or any loss of any kind to entrants.
    • Each entrant upon signing an entry form will in effect be signing a waiver form.
    • It is the responsibility of any non-Canadian participants to communicate all landing activities with Canadian Customs Officials, as required.
  2. Tournament Boundaries and Hours
    • Fishing is permitted in the Detroit River only, from the south end of Boblo Island to the east end of Peche Island.
    • Tournament hours will be held in two flights: 0600-1200hrs; 0700-1300hrs.
    • 7am Overflow flight will allow 6 hrs of fishing time from when the boat is launched.
    • The tournament is being run rain or shine. Tournament officials may cancel delay or reschedule hours in case of severe weather (small craft warning). Reschedule date is May 5th, 2024. Refunds are not available for those who cannot participate in the event or the reschedule date. All paid registrations are final sale and non-transferable.
    • Slots for flights will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Safety
    • All boats are required to meet US Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard safety regulations as well as all Ontario regulations.
    • Each contestant is encouraged to wear properly secured Coast Guard approved chest type PFD at all times and especially when the main engine is operating above idle speed.
    • Safe boating conduct and all safety precautions must be observed at all times.
    • If an emergency exists, patrol boats will be clearly marked for easy identification. All boats will be allowed to land at nearest safe harbor.
  4. Boats, Equipment and Fishing
    • All boats will be required to carry a provincial or state registration in accordance with the regulations of the home province or state of the contestant owning the boat.
    • Electronic and electrical depth finders, thermometers and oxygen meters, etc, are allowed.
    • Only those fish caught on hook and line using rods, or hand lining in the usual manner will be accepted.
  5. Start
    • All boats will stage along an imaginary line extending west from the boat launch to Fighting Island.
    • Smaller boats are encouraged to remain at the back of the line to safely manage the wake of larger boats.
    • All boaters are reminded to be aware of their wake.
    • Boats starting at 6:00 are required to have navigation lights or they will be bumped to the 7:00 start time.
  6. Spirit of the Rule
    • All rules have “loopholes.” It is the intention of the sponsors to provide a safe, honest, sportsman like tournament. In the interest of good sportsmanship, contestants are reminded that the “spirit of the rule” will prevail in all cases.
  7. Scoring
    • Prizes will be awarded based on the longest fish; Ties will be broken by cutting a deck of cards, participants must be present to participate in tie-brakes.
    • Only 1 fish will be entered for measurement per contestant.
    • No deviations or modifications to a fish will be accepted.
    • Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 10th in walleye only. 1st will be awarded $1500, 2nd will be awarded $700, 3rd will be awarded $500, 4th will be awarded $300, 5th will be awarded $200, 6th through 10th will be awarded $100.
    • Weigh-in time is based on your flight time and a penalty of 1/16 of an inch will be charged for every one minute late.
    • An unloading area will be designated immediately in front of the weigh-in area and will be for unloading of fish only.
    • Participants must be at weigh-in to claim prize money.
  8. Miscellaneous
    • All questions and concerns regarding the rules of the tournament are to be referred to the tournament committee. Their decision will be final in all cases. No other person can be considered a spokesperson for the rules during the tournament.
  9. Apparel
    • All apparel sales are final sale and non-refundable.
    • Apparel to be picked up at apparel table while fish measuring is taking place.
  10. Door Prizes, 50/50, Silent Auction Prizes
    • Silent auction prizes and 50/50 winners to be awarded 1 hour after the last flight returns.
    • Door prizes can only be claimed the day of the event